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After cleansing and toning; apply the N°PUR3 - Nourishing Oxygen Booster. It will boost the effects of your whole regimen.

Then apply your weapon of choice serum; N°L1FT - Instant Correcting Serum or the high-tech peptide N°53RM - Rejuvenating Serum.

Do not miss the must-have N°LIP5 - Lip Enhancing Serum. N°EYE1 - 3xAction Eye Serum targes the dark circles, puffiness and fine lines.


Drench your skin like never before with the dry skin saviours N°DAY1 - Lightweight Day Cream and the N°NIT3 - Retinoid Night Cream.

For pigmentation treatment and uneven skin tone replace the day cream with the N°LIT3 - Lightening Moisturizer.

Apply the N°EYE5 - Eye Repair Cream, specifically designed to revitalize, protect and energize the delicate eye area.


As a spot treatment on targeted wrinkles, also around the eye area, touch up with the N°ZERO - Wrinkle Eraser.

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